You are capable of great things, I can help you to achieve them

Personal Training and Group Training in Bishops Stortford

My name is Nikki, fitness and exercise are my passion. I know it doesn't matter how awful you feel, how bad your day has been, an hour in the gym or in the studio taking part in a great class always makes you feel better. I love that feeling you get after a great workout, it gives me a real buzz and I want to pass that on to others.

I started my working life as a primary school teacher and exercise was my stress relief. Whenever I had the chance, I was out running or in the gym or the studio.

My main passion has always been running, and in the studio; Body Combat and Body Pump . Watching the instructors work made me want to be up there doing the same thing. I re trained as a group exercise instructor in 2012 and  gave up my teaching career shortly afterwards. I've not regretted it once!

I still get a massive thrill every time I stand up in front of a class and find it hugely rewarding to watch members grow in confidence and fitness. I relish the fact that every gym I work at is different, as is every class and each member brings something new and this constantly challenges me as an instructor and my teaching methods and  I constantly need to adapt to help people progress.

The more classes I taught, the more I found myself being asked for more detailed advice by members about wider aspects of their fitness, diet and so on and I realised that I wanted to take my skills further so that I could help people on a more personal level achieve their specific goals.

I love working as a Personal Trainer. I know how much hard work and commitment it takes to improve your lifestyle and make the changes that will achieve your goals. I've been there myself. I couldn't have done it without the knowledge, support and motivation from the inspirational PT's and instructors I've worked with over the years. I now want to pass that on to you!

One programme does not fit all! All my clients have different needs and preferences and I aim to always incorporate these as specifically as possible and have the flexibility to adapt my approach as needed to continue to motivate and inspire. I will challenge you, you will work hard, but you will have lots of fun along the way and ultimately succeed and have the confidence to continually grow your fitness and set even bigger goals in the future!

Being fit and healthy makes you feel more confident about yourself, happier about your life in general and will enable you to live your life to the fullest!